What we learned on Day 7

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Observations from the press box:

1. Game on: I don't know if Geno Smith is the real deal -- too early to say -- but I know this: This is a real competition. If Mark Sanchez doesn't get his act together, he'll be an $8.25 million backup.

2. Watch your words: Braylon Edwards was considerably less forthcoming with his opinions on the quarterback competition than he was on Day 1. You remember that, don't you? Edwards made headlines by comparing Smith to Russell Wilson, adding that Sanchez could be in trouble if he makes the same mistakes he has in the past. Evidently, the Thought Police got to Edwards, who noted that he could get in trouble for saying too much. I appreciate Edwards' candor. I think his opinions matter because he's been around the league for a decade. His watered-down comments tell us the higher-ups are trying to manage a potentially explosive QB situation.

3. Ah, so this is an offense: Maybe it's just me, but the offensive operation looks a whole lot more organized than last year. The drills run smoothly and there are fewer mistakes in practice than last year, as far as I can tell. I think the Marty Mornhinweg-David Lee combination will help a lot; they're proven coaches. Does that mean the offense will finish better than 30th, last year's embarrassing ranking? Impossible to tell at this point, but at least it'll have a plan.