Strange days for McKnight

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Joe McKnight's camp is getting stranger.

The running back is on the sidelines as he works through the NFL concussion protocol, although the Jets will not say that he has a concussion, preferring to call it a head injury.

"I don't know for a fact if he has a concussion or not but I know he had some kind of head injury," Ryan said. "You're not going to put someone out there if there's any questions whatsoever about it. But do I know specifically that he has a concussion? No, I don't know that."

The team later clarified that McKnight was going through the NFL protocol.

The unclear diagnosis comes a day after reports emerged that McKnight was arrested on July 30, the Jets day off from training camp practices, on a warrant for driving violations in New Jersey.

"We are aware of it," Ryan said, declining to offer further comment on the legal situation.

McKnight was in heavy use during practices, if only because the Jets are missing running backs Chris Ivory (hamstring) and Mike Goodson (did not report). He's also been returning kickoffs and punts in practice for the Jets. This despite the fact that McKnight failed his initial conditioning test on July 24, a problem that McKnight chalked up to low body fat and Ryan said could stem from test-taking anxiety.

"He's in shape, there's just some guys that have anxiety in some situations," Ryan said.

The Jets need McKnight for special teams and because of the lack of running backs, but it’s easy to think McKnight's issues -- aside from he injury -- could become a liability that is hard to overlook.