No news is good

First, the main news. Rex Ryan said that LB Calvin Pace (foot), OL Nick Mangold (shoulder) and CB Darrelle Revis (hamstring) will play against the Packers Sunday. They all practiced fully and will be listed as probable.

Since it's Let Your Guard Down Friday, Ryan spoofed Mike Westhoff in his press conference. He passed out a Wikipedia printout on the on-side kick, which the special teams coordinator claimed to have perfected when he talked to reporters earlier this week.

Ryan joked that Westhoff, 62, actually was the ghost-writer for a 1907 book on the subject, and included additional pages in the handout with defensive coach Bob Sutton's name penned in as the inventor of the blitz, and offensive line coach Bill "Pop" Callahan as the mind behind the single-wing offense, aka the wildcat.

"I want to make sure it's documented," Ryan said with a smirk.

Then things just got silly, until Westhoff was alleged to be the person behind not just the on-side kick, but velcro, string cheese and the Internet as well.

But in all seriousness.

"He really is a pioneer of special teams; he's the best special team coach I've ever been around and I've been around a lot of great ones," Ryan said. "The guys play their tails off for him. They know how much he appreciated them their efforts, he's brutally honest so he's got that blunt force trauma. He's a helluva guy, he really is a fascinating guy. I think the world of Westie. But he's still not above kidding."

Ryan talked about the running game and Shonn Greene, the link is here.

DE Shaun Ellis had spider or Kinesiology Tape wrapping his left leg. He said it helps improve circulation to the muscles and strengthen his knee. It's a method that's popular among some professional athletes.

On a somber note, Ryan addressed the tragedy in Notre Dame, where video camera operator Declan Sullivan dies when the scissor lift he was standing on blew over in a gusty wind.

We have certain protocols here," Ryan said, "where if the wind gets to a certain level then clearly they will not be up on list or we will be practicing indoors."