WVU coach tries to clean up mess

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen was quoted recently as saying, "We have to develop leaders. It was a big issue on last year's team -- in a bad way." Some of his players echoed that sentiment in a story by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Neither the coach nor his players mentioned Geno Smith by name, but when the leadership of a team is questioned, it's kind of a knock on the quarterback, considering quarterback is ... well, you know, a leadership position.

It created a firestorm, thanks, in part, to Rex Ryan. Now Holgorsen is in damage control, insisting it wasn't a shot at Smith.

"Geno was one of the only real leaders we had on the team in 2012," Holgorsen told CBS.

He tried to take the easy way out, blaming the media.

"People in media are trying to read between the lines or add two plus two and they're wrong," Holgorsen said.

Smith has yet to comment. He will be available Wednesday.