Ex-Jets: We want Sanchez

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Mark Sanchez may not be the people's choice, but he's the choice of many former Jets.

More than 20 ex-Jets, mostly from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, attended practice Tuesday as part of an alumni day. ESPNNewYork.com polled a dozen alums, posing the question: Who would you start on opening day, Sanchez or Geno Smith? The results:

Sanchez -- Nine votes

Smith -- Zero

Undecided -- Three

Here's a sampling of comments:

Bobby Jackson, CB, 1980s: "I'm not a big Mark Sanchez fan, but I'm a realist. He gives them the best chance."

John Schmitt, C, Super Bowl III team: "I'd say Mark. He knows what to expect. It's so hard for a kid to come out of college and grasp an NFL offense and grasp NFL defenses, as well. ... Geno needs a lot more time. That's my honest feeling."

Bruce Harper, KR, 1970s/80s: "From an outsider's view, I'd say Mark. He's the veteran and I don't think they've seen enough of Geno. ... Mark is the man until proven otherwise."

Joe Klecko, DT, 1970s/80s: "It's up in the air. If the kid shows something against the Giants, I think it throws a dilemma into Rex's kitchen. Sanchez has too much baggage. If Geno does well, it's a good dilemma."

Chad Cascadden, LB, 1990s: "Mark's ready, Geno's not ready yet. Mark's a four-year starter, he's seen it all. I don't think Geno has done enough to unseat that. I like how Mark responded two games ago after that early interception in Detroit. He bounced back quickly. You need that leadership."

Richard Caster, TE, 1970s: "Unless something goes crazy, I think you have to start with the established quarterback. Unless [Smith] is super-duper, out of this world against the Giants, I'd go with the proven commodity."

Randy Beverly, DB, Super Bowl III team: "I'm still wide open. I want to see more."

Jeff Richardson, OL, Super Bowl III team: "I'd go with Sanchez. Right now, I haven't seen enough of Geno. I could switch. I'm not married to Sanchez by any means. He's given me some disappointing times."

Ted Banker, G, 1980s: "I haven't seen enough of Geno, so I'd go with Sanchez. He's still making mistakes, though. If you go by interceptions and the number of quarters he's played in the preseason, that projects to a lot of interceptions. But I think Rex [Ryan] will go with what he knows, which tells me he'll go with Sanchez."