Holmes has increased role on offense

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- An unofficial playing-time breakdown of the New York Jets' skill-position players:


Braylon Edwards -- 55/69 snaps

Jerricho Cotchery -- 54/69

Santonio Holmes -- 39/69

Brad Smith -- 7/69


LaDainian Tomlinson -- 52/69 snaps

Shonn Greene -- 15/69


Tony Richardson -- 24/69 snaps

John Conner -- 5/69


Dustin Keller -- 52/69 snaps

Ben Hartsock -- 16/69

Wayne Hunter (OT) -- 3/69

ANALYSIS: Holmes played in 57% of the offensive snaps, an increase of about 15% over his first two games. It came at the expense of Cotchery, Edwards and Keller, all of whom played slightly less than usual ... The Jets used their "20" personnel package on at least a half-dozen occasions -- two RBs, no TEs and three WRs. Prior to Sunday, they hadn't shown that much at all. The package included Tomlinson and Greene in the game at the same time.