What do K-Dub and Tebow have in common?

You might be hard-pressed to think of a similarity between Jets No. 1 pick Kyle Wilson and Broncos No. 1 pick Tim Tebow, but here's one: They recorded pretty much the same score on the Wonderlic intelligence test.

Tebow, the former Florida icon, scored a 22 on the 50-question exam, as widely reported before the draft. Wilson recorded a 20. The scores are confidential, but a league source confirmed Wilson's grade to ESPN New York.com.

The average score ranges between 18 and 22, but the average for quarterbacks this year was 24. That's why, in the weeks leading up to the draft, Tebow took some grief from fans and media types. I wasn't able to uncover the average for a cornerback, but an NFL peep told me that Wilson's 20 probably rated slightly above the average mark at his position.

For what it's worth. Other thoughts and observations on Day 1:

1. This is how an opposing GM assessed the Wilson pick at 29: "Good pick by the Jets. We expected him to go earlier. They got really good value. He's absolutely a great kid, kind of like the (Dwight) Lowery kid -- very dedicated, a student of the game. Has good durability, good toughness. The one thing that might have got some people a little tempered was, he's not a big guy (5-10). He plays small, especially downfield against receivers."

2. Spoke to a scout from an NFC team who raved about Wilson's character. "There are no flies on this kid," the scout told me. The only negative as far as I could tell is that he talks trash on the field and came close to several taunting penalties. That shouldn't be a problem on the Jets. Playing with LB Bart Scott, Wilson won't get too many opportunities to run his mouth. Scott takes care of that for everyone.

3. Another positive to the Wilson pick: Remember, CB Antonio Cromartie has only one year remaining on his contract. Under the current rules, Cromartie would be a restricted free agent in 2011, but with the labor unrest, who knows what's going to happen?

4. The Jets were getting calls from teams below them, presumably teams looking to trade up for a quarterback, Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy. I don't think the Jets gave the calls serious consideration. It would've been a buzzkill, trading out of the first round.

5. Wilson's father, Gerry, is a sociologist. He'd probably have a field day studying the Jets' roster makeup, considering all the big names and personalities they acquired.

6. You might think it's weird for a kid from Piscataway, N.J., to play football in Boise, Idaho, but the entire Wilson family loved the experience. Kyle's parents traveled to most home games, with his dad telling the Idaho Statesman last November that he'd like to continue attending home games in the future. Kyle's older brother, also named Gerry, drove to games in a motor home with a huge picture of Kyle displayed on the vehicle. Now that's devotion.