More fallout on "Weather-Gate"

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Special teams coach Mike Westhoff, addressing the media for the first time since the Steve Weatherford debacle against the Green Bay Packers, added three new wrinkles to the story:

• Westhoff revealed that he and Weatherford talked after his first punt about trying a fake at some point in the game. Weatherford, the punter, broached the topic, and "I agreed with him," Westhoff said. "I said, 'When we get the right time, I'll call it.' That's as far as it went. It wasn't the right time" when he ran it -- a fourth-and-18 from the Jets' 20.

• Westhoff said he was considering a fake in that situation, but changed his mind when Mark Sanchez was sacked for a nine-yard loss on third down. That made it fourth-and-18. Said Westhoff: "Before he got sacked, I was going to call it."

• Westhoff reiterated that Weatherford doesn't have a green light to make a unilateral decision on a fake. Going forward, Westhoff said he doesn't have to change anything because the system is in place and it's understood that he makes the calls.

"We don't do that," Westhoff said of the audible. "He knew it ... We don't have that. It doesn't exist. There's no gray area. If you don't get an OK, you don't run it. I'm not worried about it happening again."