Is Revis longing for Rex and his system?

So Darrelle Revis reportedly is unhappy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Two reactions from a New York perspective: Who cares? What did he expect?

The former New York Jets star was traded to the Bucs last April because his New York-based agents, serving as the matchmakers, convinced the Bucs to pay Revis what the Jets refused to spend -- $16 million per year. Revis was blinded by the money, overlooking other important factors -- the coach and the defensive system. He apparently has discovered the grass isn't greener on the other side, but the money is.

Now, according to FoxSports, Revis is chafing under Greg Schiano's law-and-order regime and upset he's not playing more man-to-man coverage. This, of course, is a departure from his New York days. Under Rex Ryan, Revis played for a player-friendly coach whose scheme was tailored to his strength -- man-to-man. It was a perfect player/scheme marriage, giving birth to the "Revis Island" sensation.

In a Cover-2 defense, a big part of what the Bucs do, the cornerbacks are a dime a dozen. It's lunacy to pay a cornerback $16 million a year to play in a zone-based defense. After making such a significant investment in Revis, the Bucs should've tweaked their philosophy to suit Revis, but they apparently haven't done that to his satisfaction.

Revis knew about Schiano's reputation as a no-nonsense coach, but he looked past Schiano and saw a familiar face in Dave Wannstedt, the special teams coach. He coached Revis at Pitt. A former Pitt assistant, Jeff Hafley, is the Bucs' assistant secondary coach.

If there were concerns about Schiano and his system, Revis was willing to put them aside because of the money. He found a team willing to meeting his asking price, although his six-year, $96 million contract isn't guaranteed. He'll be there through 2014 because they'd never cut him after one year, not after trading a first-round pick, but who knows what will happen beyond '14?

Because of his contract problems in New York, Revis was perceived in some circles as a complainer. Now it looks like he's up to his old tricks. Clearly in damage control, he tweeted Tuesday, "What's going on Buc fans. Just to clear the smoke. I'm happy to be a Buccaneer & I'm happy to be a resident of Tampa. ... I'm excited for this year & I'm excited about this team as we move forward to prepare each week to get a W!!!"

Translation: As long as they're willing to pay me $765,000 per game (his actual salary), I'll act like I'm loving it.