Green Day: Is it time to believe?

ATLANTA -- Baseball is over in New York and the New York Giants stink, meaning the New York Jets have to carry the hopes of a frustrated sports region -- at least until the NBA season gets serious.

The Jets are 3-2, coming off a wild and dramatic win over the Atlanta Falcons. The big green bandwagon is starting to fill up, folks starting to get emotionally invested in the surprising Jets.

Are we talking about a legitimate playoff contender here?

Hold everything. They're not there yet.

Monday night was a big win in every sense, especially the way Geno Smith played, but it's not a season changer. You can't take them seriously until they win, like, two in a row. If they go out next Sunday and fall to the winless Pittsburgh Steelers, it offsets what they accomplished in Atlanta.

It's all about consistency. Right now, the Jets are an up-down team with wins over opponents that are a combined 3-11. We'll know a lot more about them over the next four weeks. After the Steelers, they hit the Murderer's Row portion of the schedule -- the New England Patriots (4-1), Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) on the road and the New Orleans Saints (5-0).

Yes, the Jets are moving in the right direction, defying so-called experts such as myself. Now they have to prove this wasn't a one-game tease. If they can split the next four and get to 5-4 at the bye week, then you're talking about a pennant race.