Sorry to interrupt, Alan, but ...

There's lousy timing, and really lousy timing. Here's a a case of the latter.

On Friday night, Alan Faneca and teammate Nick Mangold were out together for dinner and drinks, joined by their significant others, when Faneca received a phone call from the Jets. According to sources, it was Rex Ryan, calling to inform Faneca that he was being released. Indeed, that release became official Saturday.

Talk about killing a nice evening out on the town.

The Jets had just drafted former UMass G/T Vlad Ducasse in the second round, sealing Faneca's fate with the team. They had been shopping him for weeks, looking for a taker that never stepped up. As soon as they landed Ducasse, hardly a sure thing, the Faneca speculation spread like fire.

Ryan at least had the courtesy to call Faneca himself to explain the situation. Unfortunately, the timing stunk.