QB Watch: Jets' Geno Smith

A weekly examination of the New York Jets' quarterback position.

Rewind: If you need us to tell you in this space what Geno Smith did Monday night in Atlanta, you're a lost cause.

Fast forward: The Jets face the struggling Pittsburgh Steelers (0-4) Sunday at MetLife Stadium. In the past, the Steelers have devoured rookie quarterbacks, but this isn't the same wrecking crew you might remember. It is hard to believe, but they've produced only four sacks and zero interceptions. The Steelers got old and slow in a hurry, but they still have some prideful veterans, including Troy Polamalu. They also have Hall-of-Fame defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who should be able to cook up something formidable for Smith, who has only a short week to prepare.

Consistency: Hey, look: Smith has attempted 41 straight passes without an interception. He's a long way from Sam Bradford's rookie record (169 straight in 2010), but Smith is taking baby steps toward his goal of becoming a consistent quarterback. After Monday night's big game, he moved up to 23rd in passer rating (80.3).

Prediction: Smith is 2-0 at home. If he doesn't get hypnotized by LeBeau's zone blitzes, he should be fine.