Braylon a target in "personal war"

Braylon Edwards returned to Cleveland for the first time since being traded last October, and he hyped it was a "personal war" against the city, where he is Public Enemy No. 1a. (LeBron James is No. 1.) Edwards had a relatively quiet game, catching four passes for 59 yards in the New York Jets' 26-20 overtime win.

Clearly, the Browns tried to get under Edwards' skin, practically mauling him the first couple of times he touched the ball. He made a six-yard catch on the Jets' first drive, and it looked like NT Athtyba Rubin punched him.

"There were a lot of things going on, it was kind of a fast play," Edwards said. "The only thing I sensed was Sheldon Brown trying to make a tackle. We went helmet-to-helmet, he went down, and I think my knee touched down, yet two guys were trying to take shots at me after the play. It's football, those guys were excited to get out there and I don't think anything was dirty."

After last week's win in Detroit, Edwards tweeted that he was looking forward to Cleveland, and that fans should get their popcorn ready -- a line he stole from Terrell Owens. Well, Edwards didn't give a popcorn-worthy performance, although the Browns did make sure he didn't get deep by keeping a safety over the top.

"I don't think I was talking during the week," Edwards said. "The only thing I said was get your popcorn ready, and if you bought popcorn, it was well-deserved because this was a great game between two teams."

Edwards, who said last week that he couldn't get out of Berea (home of the Browns' facility) fast enough, was booed throughout the game. At one point, the crowd chanted, "Braylon sucks!" and another unflattering chant that we'll leave to your imagination. In the end, Edwards was upstaged by teammate Santonio Holmes, an ex-Pittsburgh Steeler -- another nightmare for the long-suffering Cleveland fans.