Geno: The eyes have it

New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith doesn’t think that he has tunnel vision.

Asked if he locks on to receivers too much instead of going through his progressions, Smith replied, “I don’t think I have that problem.”

Geno Smith reacts to Sunday's win vs. New England.

Play DownloadSmith ranks third in the NFL with 11 interceptions. He threw a 79-yard pick-six to Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan Sunday.

On the play, Ryan jammed Jets wideout David Nelson at the line. Nelson couldn’t get a clean release on his route, but Smith never took his eyes off Nelson and tried to force the ball in anyway. Ryan snagged it and took it to paydirt.

Smith wound up recovering and finishing 17 of 33 for 233 yards and a touchdown to go along with the pick-six. He also ran six times for 32 yards and a score.

The 23-year-old out of West Virginia appreciated the support he got from New York’s former starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez.

“I talked to Mark after the game,” Smith said. “He just congratulated me and we exchanged hugs. It’s pretty much what we do every single game. We talk before the game and go over things. He always wishes me well and it’s nice to have a guy like Mark on my side.”

Smith also praised his offensive line.

“Those guys are my best friends,” he said. “I can’t do anything without those guys protecting me.”