Green Day: Prosperity to adversity

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- You're going to hear a lot of talk this week about resilience. As in: Do the New York Jets have enough to rebound from the Cincinnati debacle?

Under Rex Ryan, the Jets haven't fared particularly well after blowout losses -- 2-3 after games in which they lost by more than 21 points. People still talk about the ball-burying ploy from 2010 as if it were a genius coaching move, coming off a 42-point loss to the New England Patriots. In fact, they responded with a brutal loss to the Miami Dolphins. But, hey, it made for a good story.

That's ancient history, of course. The most relevant example occurred this season in Week 4, when the Jets suffered a 25-point loss to the Tennessee Titans. That performance belongs on the all-ugly list of the Ryan era, and there were many doomsayers (including me) who figured they'd never get themselves together to beat the Atlanta Falcons on the road. Sure enough, they did, showing plenty of grit.

The team is a reflection of its rookie quarterback. So far, Geno Smith has demonstrated the ability to respond to bad games.

"I hope the trend continues," Ryan said. "Win one, lose one, I hope it continues this week and then we’ll figure it out. But he has been resilient. I think our team has, that way. I think we’ve bounced back and, obviously, we’re going against an opponent that’s 6-1. So, it’s not going to be easy."

He was referring to the New Orleans Saints, one of the top teams in the NFL. Here's the thing about resilience: It's always a heck of a lot easier to show it if you're playing a last-place team.

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