Introducing ... the Flight Boys

In Washington, they had the Smurfs and the Posse. In Denver, they had the Three Amigos. Miami had the Marks Brothers. Now the New York Jets have a nickname for their receiving corps, and it was coined by the receivers themselves.

The Flight Boys.

The Boys are Jerricho Cotchery, Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes, and they apparently put a lot of thought into it because the Flight Boys created their own touchdown celebration -- arms spread like wings, making like an airplane -- and customized T-shirts.

On Tuesday, Holmes reached into his locker and pulled out his T-shirt. Pictured on the T-shirt are three planes, numbered 89, 17 and 10 -- the jersey numbers for Cotchery, Edwards and Holmes, respectively. On Holmes' shirt, it reads, "Flight #561." That happens to be the area code of Palm Beach County, Fla., Holmes' hometown.

On Cotchery's T-shirt, it's Flight #205 -- Birmingham, Ala. On Edwards' T-shirt, it's Flight #313 -- Detroit.

"We were talking amongst ourselves and we came up with the name 'Flight Boys,'" Holmes said. "We all got T-shirts made for ourselves."

You've seen plenty of the touchdown celebration, especially from Holmes, who has scored the game-winning touchdown in each of the last two games. When one of them scores -- the trio has combined for 11 TDs -- they spread their arms and started flying, so to speak.

"It represents the team," Holmes said. "We're the Jets and we definitely want to show off a little when we scored a touchdown."

Of course, they run the risk of inciting the opponent, as the "Flight Boy" routine could be perceived as showboating.

"If that's the way they want to take it, who cares?" Holmes said.