Extra time to prepare: Benefit or curse?

Because of their Thanksgiving games, the New York Jets and New England Patriots will have 10 full days to prepare for their Monday night smackdown in Foxborough. That should be helpful to coaches in terms of their game planning, but the Jets haven't fared well on long rest.

In their season opener, they overloaded QB Mark Sanchez with a voluminous game plan and ultimately paralyzed him, resulting in a 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Afterward, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer candidly admitted that he overdid it, saying he over-coached during all the prep time -- basically, five months.

The Jets' only other loss came after the bye week, when the offense performed horribly in a 9-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Coincidence? Several players admitted that the thought has crossed their minds.

"We can't over-think it. We have to be who we are," RT Damien Woody said. "We can't worry about cooking up these exotic game plans. Let's just be who we are and rely on the fact that our personnel can not only match up with their personnel, but can win one-on-one battles."

It's an interesting concept, and it applies to the defense as well. As much as Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine would like to create an elaborate plan to confuse Tom Brady, they have to remember this is a defense that has struggled in recent weeks with communication issues. Sometimes more is less, as the Jets have proved.

"It can go both ways, but I think we've dealt with this enough -- long weeks and bye weeks -- to understand what we need to do and how we should approach it," RG Brandon Moore said.

By the way, the Patriots won their opener (over the Cincinnati Bengals, 38-24) and won after their bye week (Baltimore Ravens, 23-20, OT).

THE REVIS MYSTERY: On Monday, CB Darrelle Revis didn't know -- or wasn't saying -- how he'd be deployed in the game. In past Patriot games, it was a no-brainer: Revis on Randy Moss. Now it wouldn't be a surprise to see him on WR Wes Welker (65 catches, 9.1 average, 6 TDs), but the potential problem there is that Welker is a slot receiver and Revis has very little experience in the slot.

Asked to describe Welker, Revis said, "Trouble. Trouble. The guy is very dangerous. Most teams double him in the slot. He's dangerous."

Ryan also has been dropping hints that Revis, or possibly CB Antonio Cromartie, could be used at times on the Patriots' pass-catching tight ends, Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Too bad the Jets couldn't clone Revis; they need another Revis, especially against this opponent.

ODDS AND ENDS: The Jets are 29th in the league in field-goal percentage (73.3). Now you know why they brought in free agent Kris Brown Tuesday for a workout. Nick Folk is officially on notice ... Everybody is talking about how the Jets didn't have WR Santonio Holmes in the first meeting. Well, the Patriots didn't have their Pro Bowl guard, Logan Mankins, who was holding out ... The draft is a funny thing. The Patriots picked 27th and chose former Rutger CB Devin McCourty, an immediate starter who leads the team with five interceptions. The Jets picked 29th and selected former Boise State CB Kyle Wilson, who has made no impact. Did the Jets settle for sloppy seconds? I don't think so. They liked Wilson because they felt his man-to-man skills would be a better fit in their system. McCourty is more of a "zone" corner, which makes him ideal for Bill Belichick's scheme.