Holmes incident not a good sign

On the surface, it seems like a small deal: Santonio Holmes refused to turn off his iPod Thursday night as his Newark-to-Pittsburgh flight was preparing for its landing. Upon exiting the plane, the Allegheny County police cited him for being a disruptive passenger. There was no arrest.

You'd like to say this will be an isolated incident, but Holmes came to the Jets three weeks ago with a checkered background -- including a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy. The Jets took a calculated gamble, figuring Holmes would be a solid citizen once he became a member of the Rex Ryan family. But now this raises concerns.

If Holmes can't comply with a simple rule like turning off an iPod, how is he going to make it through a season? Does he have a problem with authority? How will he react if he has a bad game? Is going to complain about playing time? Is he going to go nuts if his E-Z pass doesn't work?

You get the picture. We haven't had a chance to get Holmes' side of the story, but, really, what could be his defense? The flight attendant was a bitter Steelers fan? Let's be real: This is a troubling sign and we haven't even made it out of April.