Green Day: Geno can be 'really good one'

On Thursday, I asked Marty Mornhinweg if he believes he has done a good job as the New York Jets' offensive coordinator. He didn't answer, saying, "I don't go there." He said he'd respond after the season.

Actually, I already had my answer. It came in response to an earlier question about Geno Smith's development at quarterback.

"I’m even more certain now than I was earlier that he could be a really good one," Mornhinweg said.

Translation: I've done a terrific job of taking a neophyte with no background in a pro-style offense and molding him into a functional, if not productive NFL quarterback who might be pretty decent someday if they let me continue to coach him.

Remember what we said in September? The success of the 2013 season will be based on three things: The quarterback. The quarterback. The quarterback. It was -- and still is -- all about Smith.

Mornhinweg and, by extension, Rex Ryan, are being evaluated on Smith's progress. Naturally, they will spew positives, but you take them with a grain of salt, knowing there's an agenda. If Smith were having a Russell Wilson type of rookie year, do you think there would be any question about Ryan's job security?

He's not having a Wilson year, far from it. But considering the circumstances -- Smith came from a college spread offense, with no experience under center -- I think Mornhinweg & Co. have done a solid job with him. A great job? No, he has 21 interceptions. But this was an entirely new offense, and we all know the supporting talent isn't all-star caliber, so give them credit for getting him through 14 starts.

Has it been good enough to earn another shot in 2014? We'll know in nine days.

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