Ryan hopping mad

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- It took about 10 seconds for the video to hit the web: coach Rex Ryan hoping mad -- literally -- after Geno Smith was pushed after he had gone out of bounds on a rushing play.

Ryan hadn’t seen the flag, and he moved faster than a college senior running the 40 at the NFL combine to give the officials a piece of his mind. After the game Ryan was asked if he was surprised he didn’t get a penalty for the display.

“Who me? Surprised I didn’t get a penalty?” Ryan asked. “(I was) surprised there wasn’t a penalty thrown earlier and then obviously I missed (the flag) so I think I was apologizing for (not seeing the flag).”

Browns free safety Tashaun Gipson was given an unnecessary roughness penalty for the shove, which came after the play was over. Smith may have gone down a little more dramatically than called for, but a foul is a foul.

But as OL Austin Howard pointed out, you didn’t have to be an emotional head coach to get worked up over the play.

“I’ve noticed Rex get animated plenty of times, “ Howard said. “I believe everybody was pretty animated during that.”