John Idzik: 'This is our coach'

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- By now, you've probably read about the raucous scene in the New York Jets' locker room after Sunday's season-ending win. The team's official website posted a video of the scene in which owner Woody Johnson announced to the team that Rex Ryan will return as the coach.

Here's what was said:

Johnson: "I'm so proud of you, whether you won this game or not. You gave it everything you had every play and you play hard for this coach. That's why I've elected to keep Rex."

Ryan was swarmed by several players in a scene that resembled a baseball player being mobbed by teammates after hitting a walk-off homer. Next, general manager John Idzik, holding the game ball, addressed the team.

Idzik: "We're here because we're proud to be Jets. We wear the logo and the color with pride. We're here because we're confident, not cocky. We're confident. We know what we're capable of doing and we know where we're going. We know who wears all those traits on his sleeve for everyone to see every single day. This man right here."

Idzik presented Ryan with the game ball, and there was an emotional embrace between the two men. There was more applause. After a pause, Idzik shouted about the din, "This is our coach!"

It was refreshing to see Idzik in that light. His public persona is that of a buttoned-down suit, but he revealed a fiery side that, no doubt, resonated with the players.