Jets' receivers dropped the ball -- literally

There were two kinds of drops Sunday -- rain and ball. Both left the New York Jets all wet.

Jets receivers had five drops, including three in the fourth quarter, in their debilitating 10-6 loss to the Dolphins.

Santonio Holmes' second-quarter drop in the left corner of the end zone perhaps hurt the most. At the time, the Jets trailed 10-0. Mark Sanchez couldn't have thrown the ball in a better spot. It appeared to bounce off Holmes' chest, forcing the Jets to settle for a 35-yard Nick Folk field goal.

Ironically, Holmes caught a game-winning touchdown against the Texans in Week 11 in almost the exact same spot where he flubbed the ball on Sunday.

Holmes was asked afterward if the wet weather played a role in any of the Jets' drops.

"I should have caught the ball for a touchdown and I didn't, I don't have any excuses," Holmes said. "I can't drop that ball."

It was raining for most of the game on Sunday, but none of the receivers who had crucial drops -- Holmes, Dustin Keller and Jerricho Cotchery -- used the weather conditions as an excuse. Cotchery said the Jets practiced with wet balls on Friday and Saturday to prepare for Sunday. It didn't help.

Cotchery had a drop near the sideline in the first half, and a back-breaking one late in the fourth quarter. With the Jets facing a 2nd-and-14 from their own 32-yard line, Sanchez hit Cotchery in stride on a slant route. Had they connected, the play was destined for a big gain. But Cotchery couldn't haul it in. He said the ball was tipped by a Dolphins defensive back but ended up hitting him "right in the chest."

Keller also had two costly drops in the final 15 minutes. The first came on a short dump-off on a 1st-and 10-from the Jets' 30. Then on third down, Keller seemed to find an opening down the left side but couldn't stop his momentum in time to reach back for a Sanchez throw that was behind him but catchable. Had Keller come up with that ball, the Jets would have had a 1st-and-10 inside the Dolphins' 40 with 3:30 left to play.

"It's just a play that we didn't get enough reps of [in practice]," Keller said. "I don't think we threw that enough. It came down to crunch time and we weren't in synch. He threw a pretty good ball, it's just I wasn't ready for it."

The Jets drops on Sunday also underline this troubling stat: they haven't scored a touchdown in the past two games. Their high-priced, high-profile offense has produced a grand total of three field goals in the past eight quarters.

And that's a trend that's troubling to Keller.

"It would be different if we just had some 'so-so' type of guys, some average players," Keller said. "But you look across the board -- Shonn Greene, Braylon [Edwards], Santonio, Mark Sanchez -- guys that are capable of being Pro Bowl players, but if something like this happens, it just kills you."

Edwards, one of the few Jets receivers who didn't have any drops on Sunday, wasn't interested in dissecting the Jets' second straight loss after the game. He had a blunt, succinct analysis of his team's meltdown in the Meadowlands.

Said Edwards: "We got our a---- whupped, period. End of story."