NFLN survey/popular coach: Jets

Our NFL Nation network of reporters polled 320 players across the league -- 10 from each team -- to produce a confidential survey that covered eight probing questions/hot topics. Next up ...

Question: Which head coach would you most like to play for?

Winner: Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

Our take: No surprise here. Carroll received 72 votes (22.5 percent), a fairly decisive victory over Mike Tomlin (44 votes), John Fox (25) and Rex Ryan (23). Yes, Ryan cracked the top four, which is interesting because the New York Jets have gone three straight years without making the playoffs. Despite the lack of recent success, his reputation as a player-friendly coach still exists. Everybody knows how the Jets' players feel about him; it was evident when they mobbed him in the locker room when owner Woody Johnson announced after the last game that Ryan would return in 2014. Another interesting note about the survey: Ryan edged Bill Belichick by one vote. If you can't beat him in the standings ...