In-depth look at Jets vs. Steelers

Here are some "Next Level" comparisons from the ESPN Stats and Information staff:

New York Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson looked like he had turned back the clock through the first five games, especially rushing between the tackles. Tomlinson has slowed down over the last eight games as his yards per rush has dropped by nearly two yards. Tomlinson faces the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, who are allowing a league-low 2.9 yards per rush between the tackles.

Tomlinson Rushing Between Tackles

Category -- 1st 5 Gs -- Last 8 Gs

Yards/rush att. -- 5.2 --- 3.4

First downs --- 18 --- 13

Touchdowns -- 3 --- 1

Jets might think twice about using secondary pressure

The Jets bring pass pressure with a defensive back more than any other team in the NFL. The Jets have used at least one member of the secondary on 161 pass rushes this year, more than double the NFL average of 74. Among players with at least 50 attempts against added pressure, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has the third-best passer rating since 2009. Big Ben is also one of only three quarterbacks, along with Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning, that have not thrown an interception against the secondary blitz over that span.

Steelers corralling the run

The Steelers can claim the best run defense in the NFL this season and in particular have been able to corral the run, keeping it away from the sidelines. The Steelers have allowed rushes to the left and right sidelines just 44 times this year, the best mark in the league. Pittsburgh also leads in lowest yards per carry allowed and is one of just four teams that have not conceded a touchdown on stretch sideline runs. The Jets may be OK with that as they rank second in the NFL in rushes and yards up the middle this season.