Draft spotlight: WR Mike Evans

Former Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans, projected as a first-round pick, spoke with reporters at the scouting combine. Here's a little of what he had to say:

On what it was like playing with Johnny Manziel: "It was a great experience, playing with one of my best friends. He's a great playmaker. It was real fun, being part of his success. I just love him to death."

On how his basketball background (he's almost 6-foot-5) has helped him as a receiver: "It's helped a lot. I think a lot of other basketball players should play football. We have the qualities. If there's a jump ball in the air, treat it like a rebound. It helps me get off the press, use my quickness, like when I used to dribble. Everything just incorporates into football."

On how he's handled press coverage from physical cornerbacks: "When I've faced it, I've had my career days, so I like man coverage. If you watch my film, I think you'll see that I like it, and I embraced it."

On whether he has modeled himself after any NFL receivers: "Yeah, you know, I get a lot of Vincent Jackson comparisons, and that's a great comparison. But I think Brandon Marshall. He's vicious after the catch -- big, physical guy, can go up and get it, blocks real well. So I've modeled my game after him since high school."

On whether he considers himself the best receiver in the draft: "There are a lot of great receivers in this draft, don't get me wrong. But I feel I'm the best one."