Sanchez would've been 'excited' to return

Mark Sanchez, introduced Friday as the newest member of the Philadelphia Eagles, took no parting shots at the New York Jets. In fact, he said he wanted to return.

"I told them I was excited to be back if that was the plan," Sanchez told a news conference at the Eagles' facility. "If that wasn't the plan, absolutely no hard feelings. I had an incredible run there. We had an incredible run, more importantly.

"Some incredible times. Fun playoff races, come-from-behind wins, that kind of stuff. ... A couple of AFC Championship runs. Some special, special times. The toughest part of all is we didn't win it all. There was always that competitive drive to get back there. Having tasted that success, we wanted to just finish the job. If that wasn't the case, that's fine, just let me know as soon as possible and both sides would move on accordingly."

Actually, the Jets took their time, waiting until last Friday -- three days before a $2 million roster bonus was triggered -- before releasing him. They waited until they signed Michael Vick. The Jets broached the possibility of re-working his contract, which carried a $13.1 million cap charge, but they never got around to making a specific proposal, a source said.

In the end, Sanchez and Vick traded places.

"I think we passed each other on the train, gave each other a high five [and said], 'Good luck,'" Sanchez joked.

Sanchez signed a one-year, $2.25 million contract, with a chance to earn $4 million if he maxes out his playing-time incentives.

He sidestepped a question on whether the Eagles' offensive staff, led by coach Chip Kelly, would be a better fit than the staff at the Jets.

"I have to be careful with my answer," he said. "I have only good memories of my time with Jets. Was it perfect? Absolutely not. It's not going to be perfect here. I'm just excited about moving forward."

Sanchez said he still has pictures and game balls from his early success with the Jets, adding, "That stuff never goes away. It was an amazing time, an amazing experience for me and my family and my community, everybody back home. I'm not going to compare the two [teams]."