Cap-space update: Still plenty of room

The New York Jets continue to rank among the league leaders in salary-cap space -- $24.445 million, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Only two teams have more cap room than the Jets -- the Cleveland Browns ($31.003 million) and the Jacksonville Jaguars ($25.230 million).

The Jets aren't done spending, of course. Roughly one-third of their remaining space will be devoted to the draft, as overthecap.com projects a $7.35 million rookie pool for the Jets (based on their current 12 draft choices).

Obviously, the Jets are taking a slow, conservative approach in free agency, but it's not like they're not spending at all. They began free agency with close to $40 million in cap room. On the flip side, the stats show they're still among the lowest cash payrolls in the league. They stand at $90.312 million, slightly behind the Dallas Cowboys ($90.133 million).