Looking into crystal ball as schedule looms

Random thoughts as we await the release of the regular-season schedule:

1. Grand opening: The New York Jets have opened at home for the last four years, so they're due for a road opener. Just taking a guess here, but I'm going to say they'll open at the Kansas City Chiefs. That, of course, would be a tough way to open.

2. Prime-time games: The Jets played only two prime-time games last season, the TV honchos' way of saying, "We don't think you're a hot team anymore." With Chris Johnson and Michael Vick on board, that number figures to increase.

3. New coaches: The Jets face three teams with new head coaches -- the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans. From a strategic standpoint, they'd probably like to face those opponents as early as possible, figuring they'll still be getting comfortable in new schemes.

4. Grudge matches: The Jets faced Darrelle Revis last season as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the reunion will contain more intensity this time now that he's playing for the New England Patriots. Don't be surprised if there's a prime-time Revis Bowl early in the season. Johnson's return to Tennessee also will be a marquee game.

5. That's brrrisk, baby: With the NFC North on the schedule, the Jets are looking at the possibility of two very cold games -- at Green Bay and at Minnesota. Remember, the Vikings are playing outdoors this season at the University of Minnesota.