Police: Thurman not charged in bar incident

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- New York Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman, accused of slapping a 28-year-old woman at a Morristown, N.J., restaurant, won't face charges, the Morristown police department announced Friday. Police said there will be no further investigation into the matter.

The alleged incident occurred Wednesday at Pazzo Pazzo's outdoor bar, where Thurman, 58, reportedly tried to buy the woman a drink. TMZ.com posted two photos of an apparent altercation between the coach and the woman. In one photo, the woman is making an obscene gesture to Thurman as she's walking away. Upon returning home, she notified police, claiming she was slapped in the face.

The Morristown police released a statement that says the woman "was approached by a male whom she identified as Mr. Dennis Thurman. The victim alleged that during a conversation, she was slapped by Mr. Thurman who then left the area. The victim advised that she was not injured and left the bar with her friend to go home where she contacted police to report the incident."

The allegation was characterized as a simple assault, a non-indictable offense in the state of New Jersey. Because it's an allegation of a disorderly persons offense, the victim was referred to the Violations Bureau of the Morristown Municipal Court and advised of how she could pursue a complaint.

"We take these matters seriously," a Jets spokesman said in a statement. "There have been no charges filed and we will continue to monitor the situation.”

UPDATE: ESPNNewYork.com obtained a copy of the police report. It says the victim claims "that Thurman began 'hitting on' her and offering her drinks. (She) further advised that she did not entertain much of Thurman's conversation as she is in a relationship and added that Thurman showed an aggressive demeanor toward her and other women at the bar. (She) advised that a short time after, out of nowhere, Thurman slapped her across the face. In shock and disbelief, (she) said 'you just hit me' to Thurman as he threw his arms up in the air in a frustrated manner then leaving the area.

"(She) felt that she was slapped because Thurman was not getting what he wanted from her. (She) and (her friend) then left the bar and contacted police. (She) added that she was not injured and was more concerned for the other women that Thurman has done this to or will do in the future. I suggested to (her) that she stay away from Pazzo Pazzo for some time to avoid any future encounters with Thurman as he is a regular there."