Non-stop start for aging pass-rusher

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Jason Babin hasn't missed a practice since signing last week with the New York Jets. At some point, though, he'd like a rest.

Playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars last season, the 34-year-old pass-rusher was given a day off every third day in training camp and every Wednesday during the regular season. Coach Gus Bradley is a Pete Carroll disciple, which means he's a player-friendly coach. Babin hasn't mentioned it to the Jets, but he suspects they will set up a similar schedule at some point.

"I felt great when the season ended because they gave me ample time to recover," Babin said of the Jaguars, who cut him in June. "When you get old in your career, the recovery time is always an issue. It's not something I've brought up with Rex [Ryan] yet, but he knows. He obviously takes care of older guys. He's a player's coach. I'm not concerned. I know he'll take care of me."

Babin played more than 700 defensive snaps last season as a regular on the Jaguars' defensive line. He won't come close to that with the Jets, and he's OK with a reduced role. He said he never expected to play that much in Jacksonville. The Jets see him as a situational pass-rusher, which means less playing time.

For now, they need Babin on the field, learning Ryan's defense. He hasn't made many "wow" plays, although he did apply pressure Thursday on Michael Vick in a goal-line drill, forcing a throwaway.

Babin made his bones by rushing the quarterbacks. Opposing scouts say he has no interest in playing the run. He terrorized the Jets in 2011 as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, making Wayne Hunter a turnstile and sacking Mark Sanchez three times in a rout of the Jets.

"I remember that game," Babin said with a smile. "We'll look to flip the script now."