Dilfer: Brady will "unleash hell" on Jets

ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, one of the smartest guys in the business (and I'm not saying that because he's an ESPN employee), provided some interesting comments Thursday on a national conference call with the media. He was asked how he thinks Tom Brady will respond to the trash talk coming from the Jets (see Antonio Cromartie and Rex Ryan), and Dilfer said he wouldn't be surprised if an amped-up Brady pitches a perfect game.

"I think he's going to unleash hell on them," Dilfer said.

Dilfer questioned the Jets' tactics, saying they're trash-talking the wrong team and the wrong quarterback.

"Yeah, it does fester," Dilfer said of the Jets' comments. "The Patriots will hold it inside and use it to their advantage. I don't see how this strategy is going to work against the Patriots. It could work against somebody else, but I don't think it's going to work against the Patriots."

Asked specifically about Brady, Dilfer said Cromartie's rip job will "add to his level of focus. I could see him playing one of those flawless football games ... I can see him nearly perfect in this game."

Dilfer said he wouldn't be surprised if Brady duplicated his performance from the 2006 divisional-round win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. In that game, he completed 26 of 28 passes for 262 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

A day like that would indeed be hell for the Jets