Simms salsas after touchdown

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Matt Simms had kind of planned it -- telling fellow New York Jets quarterbacks Geno Smith and Michael Vick that if he got into the end zone, he was going to bust out the salsa.

So when he connected with wide receiver Greg Salas to give the Jets a 24-21 lead over the Giants, Simms started shaking his hips in that iconic way Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz made famous as his end zone dance.

“I was just having some fun,” Simms said. “Nothing personal. I actually worked out with Victor in the offseason this year so I know him personally so it wasn’t to take a jab at him or anything like that. I was just having some fun with something that everyone knows in the stadium.”

Simms wasn't the only player participating in the dance party, as Rueben Randle caught a second-quarter touchdown pass and celebrated by spreading his arms and running around the end zone (much like the old Flight Boys celebration).

As for the salsa, Simms wasn’t quite as impressive as Cruz, and he could tell it by the reaction he got from the nearest ref.

“He just looked at me and started shaking his head,” Simms said. “He was just like, ‘come on man really?’ And I was like, ‘Sorry’ and just kept walking by.”

Ultimately the Giants won the game 35-24, so the touchdown, and the dance, didn’t hold up.

After, Vick said he’d have to check the tape on the moves since he’d missed it live.

“We had a couple different celebrations we were going to do,” Vick said. “I never got around to mine he got his salsa in.”

What was he going to do?

“I can’t tell you,” Vick said with a smile.