New leaders, please stand up

One of the internal themes this offseason is leadership -- specifically, the need for some of the younger players to step into prominent roles. Darrelle Revis addressed that issue Thursday, saying he expects to become more vocal this season. He mentioned David Harris and Mark Sanchez as other potential team leaders.

Remember, the Jets dumped two key leaders, Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca, both older vets. Now, apparently, there's a movement inside the locker room for the next generation to assert itself.

"It's time for young guys to step up -- new leadership," Revis said. "We've been here for a minute and now it's time to give that leadership."

Revis isn't the vocal type, and he doesn't want to come across as a player constantly nagging his teammates. But he also recognizes that, with his stature, he needs to take charge at times.

Example: Revis is one of four team captains for a conditioning contest that runs through the entire offseason, and recently one of the players on his "team" -- Kris Jenkins -- got into a verbal spat with conditioning coach Sal Alosi. As a result, their team was penalized 300 points in the contest. Revis pulled Jenkins aside, and basically lectured him on the importance of following the rules. Revis described it as a polite give-and-take with Jenkins, six years his senior.

Did Revis get his message across?

"Kris hasn't talked back to Sal anymore," he said, smiling.

Revis believes leadership and chemistry will be vital to the Jets' chances of winning a championship. As he noted, "The way things are going with this team, we're probably going to see Peyton Manning again, and we're going to need those guys to get us over the hump."

* * *

You can add Harris' name to the list of players hoping to sign a contract extension before the start of the season. Harris is entering the fourth year of a four-year deal, and he couldn't help but do a double take when the 49ers' Patrick Willis, another linebacker from the Class of '07, signed a five-year, $50 million extension.

"I think that caught a lot of people's eyes," Harris said.

Harris said he loves playing for the Jets, loves the area, but the Leon Washington situation from last season served as a wake-up call. Washington, in a contract year, suffered a devastating injury that probably cost him millions.

"He was a great, Pro Bowl player and he had a freak injury," Harris said. "You hate to see a co-worker go through that. You never want to be in a situation like that. Everyone wants a sense of stability, so you don't have to worry about that."

Revis and C Nick Mangold are in similar situations, elite players looking for new contracts. Get the checkbook ready, Woody.

* * *

Jenkins, Damien Woody and Rex Ryan are in the early stages of their ballyhooed weight-loss contest, but no one is fessing up their starting weights. Ryan may have an advantage because he underwent lap-band surgery, designed to curb his appetitite.

"That's like a PED (performance-enhancing drug)," Woody cracked. "That's going to help him. But we get an advantage because Rex isn't the biggest workout guy in the world."

Maybe not, but moles report that Ryan was working out this morning with the players. This is serious stuff. There's a lot of pride at stake -- and money. Word has it that the three contestants have agreed to put $20,000 apiece, with the money going to the winner's chosen charity.

* * *

It appears that recently-signed Jason Taylor might have some trouble securing his old uniform number, 99. That currently belongs to veteran OLB Bryan Thomas, who doesn't appear to be in any hurry to surrender it to the former Dolphins.

Thomas played it coy when asked if the former Dolphin has approached him about surrendering 99. All Thomas said was that they've laughed about the whole situations. These situations have a way of working themselves out.


Players usually are willing to pay for numbers, but Thomas refused to say if the number is for sale. He couldn't help but notice that Taylor was posing with a 99 jersey for cameras shortly after coming to the Jets. Stay tuned on that situation.