Bart Scott, the 'great philosopher'

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Pittsburgh Steelers S Ryan Clark was in the middle of an interview session with reporters Thursday when he referred to "the great, great philosopher Bartholomew Scott" -- a reference, of course, to New York Jets LB Bart Scott and his celebrated "Can't Wait" rant after their playoff win over the New England Patriots.

"It was the best of all-time," Clark said. "I will watch that until I can't sleep in the offseason. What I liked about it was, it wasn't scripted. He was truly emotional."

Clark said Scott's memorable post-game diatribe with ESPN's Sal Paolantonio reflected the Jets' team personality.

"When you play the game in the media like the Jets do, it starts to matter what is said about you," said Clark, a former New York Giant known for yapping. "They have to read the clips because they say so much. When you hear those things and people are doubting you, you care what is said about you.

"I didn't take it personal," he continued. "He said, 'Can't wait.' I didn't take that as like, 'Oh, they think we're sorry.' It was cool."

Clark loved Scott's "can't-stop-a-nosebleed" line about the Patriots' defense. Told that the Jets couldn't stop a nosebleed in the first half of the AFC Championship Game, Clark laughed and said, "Sometimes the gun fighters get shot."