Joe Namath on the Jets: 'This is not working'

Joe Namath wants you to know his days of slash-and-burn criticism of the New York Jets are over. These days, he's taking a kinder, gentler approach with his former team.

In a brief interview before Monday night's loss to the Miami Dolphins, the legendary quarterback declined to share his thoughts on who should be fired and who should stay. He limited his comments to general disappointment, saying only that something has to be done to fix the Jets.

"There are some things that need to be addressed," Namath told ESPN.com at a gathering of Jets alumni at MetLife Stadium. "I think most fans that are knowledgeable see this is not working."

Asked if Rex Ryan deserves to return in 2015, Namath said, "There's so much we could talk about and it's not just one position. There will be changes. I believe there may be a lot of changes."

Obviously, Namath's area of expertise is the quarterback position. The Jets need a franchise quarterback, and they may have a chance to draft or trade up for Oregon's Marcus Mariota.

Namath wouldn't go so far as to say Mariota would be a no-brainer for the Jets. He said he couldn't give a complete evaluation of Mariota unless he had a chance to meet with him and get inside his head, but he's obviously impressed with his play.

"From what I've seen of Mariota is like what I've seen of Johnny Football," said Namath, who was high on Johnny Manziel before the draft. "He's got something there, something that's a little different, something that's extra. They're going to be around for a while because they have that sixth, seventh sense. These cats can feel it and they can get on it if they stay healthy."