Revis: It would be mistake to lose Cromartie

When the Jets' season ended, Darrelle Revis made it quite clear that he wants the team to re-sign his cornerback partner, Antonio Cromartie, whose contract is expiring. Just recently, the NFL Network reported that the Jets probably will let Cromartie walk. That, Revis said, would be a mistake.

"I mean, yeah, the type of player he is, I feel he’s one of the best in the league," Revis told ESPNNewYork.com by phone before his appearance at ESPN the Weekend at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. "I can only do so much. I can go tell Rex (Ryan) we need this guy on the team, and Rex knows that as well. Rex knows we need the guy, but with the contract situation, the (team) has to do what’s best for them and the player has to do what’s best for him."

If Cromartie leaves via free agency, Revis said he'd like the Jets to replace him with Raiders star Nnamdi Asomugha, who also will be a free agent -- maybe the biggest free agent on the market.

"Anybody coming in, if Cro isn’t on the team, would have to fill some big shoes," said Revis, adding that he would "vouch" for Asomugha. "It could be Nnamdi, it could be anybody. We just have to wait that out to see if that situation comes up. If it doesn’t … we’re fine with Cro. There’s no problem with Cromartie. He’s a great player."

Asked if second-year cornerback Kyle Wilson could handle the job after struggling as a rookie, Revis didn't exactly give a ringing endorsement.

"I don’t know, we’ll see," he said. "He had a learning curve this season. He gained a lot of experience from what he learned, so we’ll see."

As for the labor situation, Revis said he has a lockout plan: He's planning to invite the defensive backs to Arizona, where he trains every offseason at a sports-performance center.

"I’ve been talking to a couple of players and we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do, working out-wise," Revis said. "I know Mark (Sanchez) always takes the receivers out to California. What I’m going to try to do is get the DBs out there to Arizona."

Problem is, he might have trouble coming up with enough bodies, considering five key members of the secondary will be free agents.