Linebacker day in Florham Park

The Jets announced six more prospect visits Thursday, five of whom are linebackers -- Ryan Kerrigan (Purdue), Justin Houston (Georgia), Martez Wilson (Illinois), Sam Acho (Texas) and Elijah "Peanut" Joseph (Temple).

The only non-linebacker on the list released by the team is WR Denarius Moore (Tennessee).

Obviously, the most intriguing names here are Kerrigan, Houston and Wilson, all of whom could be first-round choices. Kerrigan, a defensive end in college, is considered a first-round lock. He'll probably go off the board in the 16-25 range, meaning the Jets (30) would have to trade up. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, they like him -- a lot.

Houston is regarded as a late first/early second, a boom-or-bust prospect, according to some scouts. He racked up impressive numbers last season (10 sacks), but there are questions about his instincts and intensity.

Wilson was an inside 'backer at Illinois, but some feel he could make the switch to the outside, where the Jets have the greatest need. He has some intriguing upside, but there are character and injury questions. He missed 2009 with a neck injury.

Acho, Joseph and Moore are mid- to late-round prospects.

The Jets have announced 20 non-local prospect visits. Each team is allowed up to 30.