Revis wouldn't mind Moss as a teammate

Darrelle Revis may have called Randy Moss a slouch, but the Jets cornerback said he wouldn’t mind having the wide receiver as a teammate.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with Randy Moss playing on our team,” said Revis, who was in Manhattan to do a promotional appearance for Range Rover. “He’s a great player he makes a lot of great plays throughout his career.”

Revis said that when he and Moss competed, they said some things to ratchet up the intensity, but underneath that is a respect for one another as competitors. “I think it just stays on the field."

Revis then said that if former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress became available, teams should look at him as well.

“Before his incident, he was a great player,” Revis said.

All the talk of available receivers though was academic, with Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards a free agent, Revis singled out Edwards as a key player to sign.

“But over all that, we need to keep Braylon if we could,” Revis said. “He’s made a lot of plays.”

Revis said that the Jets are planning a series of positional workouts, including Mark Sanchez getting together in California with some of the receivers.

Revis plans to get the defensive backs together in Arizona this May. He said that Antonio Cromartie was already available to come, and that it was a voluntary get-together.

“I think it’s really important,” Revis said. “Say if this wasn’t a lockout and we come back for offseason workouts, there is a little sluggishness there is a little slowness, guys trying to get back in the groove. I don’t know if all teams are doing it or not, but they need to if they’re not. They need to be getting their position groups together or getting guys together to do 7-on-7s or one on one drills, working with technique.”

It hasn’t been all work in the offseason. Revis has been in the studio with recording artists like Wiz Khalifa from his hometown of Pittsburgh, and he’s gotten a number of tattoos on his arms. On his right arm, he got a stop sign with the words, “Haters Stop Here.”