Mike T talks draft, Holmes, QBs

Mike Tannenbaum's media tour continued Friday. One day after his pre-draft presser in Florham Park, the Jets' GM appeared on ProFootballTalk Live. He addressed the upcoming draft, free agency and Randy Moss (but not really). Here's some Tannenbaum, as per the Newark Star-Ledger.

• On the Jets' biggest need:

"Not knowing who will be back on the other side (after free agency), I certainly think depth in the front seven, some youth there. Offensive line, we think we can use a couple players short and long term. At receiver, that could be a place we’d like to add somebody. Really I don’t think we can go wrong."

• On using second-year OLM Vlad Ducasse at right tackle:

"We’re going to see how that plays out. We had Vlad at guard; he obviously played tackle in college. We do like his versatility; (line coach) Bill Callahan does a great job of that. Nothing is certain there, but his versatility is intriguing to us, so depending on where the chips fall on the offensive line, we’ll plug Vlad in from there."

• On the Jets' recent workout with TCU QB Andy Dalton:

"We were also looking at the receiver there, (Jeremy) Kerley. Since we were already down there, it can never hurt. One of the guys I look up to a lot is (former Packers GM) Ron Wolf. Ron’s philosophy was always a quarterback a year, be it Aaron Brooks, (Matt) Hasselbeck, just go on and on down the line of guys he added even when (Brett) Favre was in his prime. I think it makes a lot of sense when you look at what that turned into for them, when he would trade them in the future, so I wanted to keep possibilities open. I think Dalton will be good player, and we’re just trying to be thorough."

• On if Santonio Holmes' comments about not starting in the AFC title game would affect his future with the Jets:

"No, 'Tone did a great job for us this past year. He was a great teammate; he really likes football. His attention to detail is tremendous: route running, studying his opponents. So he did a great job for us. I'm really glad he was with us this past year, and we’ll see what the future holds."

• On if they will be able to bring Holmes and Braylon Edwards back:

"One of the most important people we have is Ari Nissim, he handles our contracts, and his job is to put a plan together in pencil, and then we look at various scenarios. We want to keep as many players as possible, and that’s a real tribute to Rex (Ryan) and the environment here and the resources (owner) Woody Johnson gives us. Our plan will continue to evolve and once we know what the rules are, who's free and who's restricted, we'll move forward. But our goal would be to try to keep as many of those guys as possible."

• On if the Jets are interested in WR Randy Moss:

"I can't comment on that. He's going to be a free agent, so I can't comment on whether or not we have an interest in him."