Rex booked for Letterman next week

During the down years, circa mid-1990s, the Jets were prime fodder for David Letterman's joke writers, occasionally mocked in a "Top 10" list. Well, they've come full circle. On Monday, their coach -- Rex Ryan -- appears as a guest on "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Ryan will begin a media tour to promote his new book, which is due to be released the following day. Somehow, I don't think Letterman is going to ask Ryan to evaluate the Jets' draft from the weekend, but it wouldn't be a shock if he tries to bait him into tweaking Tom Brady -- which might not be so difficult.

The last time I recall a Jets player or coach appearing on Letterman was in December, 1998, when Vinny Testaverde was the toast of the town. To test Testaverde's throwing accuracy, Letterman asked Testaverde to knock a pastrami sandwich off the top of a Christmas tree. Sorry, but I can't remember if he hit it.

These are heady times for the Jets' decision makers. On Friday, Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum will appear as themselves on an episode of CBS' "CSI: NY." (They shot their cameos earlier in the offseason in Los Angeles.) The second and third rounds of the draft will be taking place the same time the show airs, which could provide some comic relief if things gets dull in the Jets' war room.