A twist in the Revis negotiations

There's an interesting side note to the Darrelle Revis situation, as mentioned by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and The Sporting News. According to Florio, who writes that he has a copy of Revis' contract, there's language in the deal that states the star cornerback would arguably jeopardize $20 million in guarantees if he skips a mandatory minicamp or holds out from training camp. He wouldn't lose the money, just the guarantee.

Quick background: When Revis' original contract voids after the 2010 season, the Jets can buy back the 2011 and 2012 seasons for $5 million and $15 million, respectively -- and that money is guaranteed. It's all part of the complicated contract he signed as a rookie in 2007, a contract that took an acrimonious, three-week holdout to produce.

If Florio's assertion is accurate, Revis would lose a considerable amount of leverage. Yes, he could still skip the upcoming minicamp (June 14-16) and/or not show up for training camp, but that $20 million wouldn't be guaranteed anymore. Obviously, a player of his caliber wouldn't have to worry about getting cut, but there's always the possibility of a career-ending injury. Would he be willing to take that chance? He'd have to think twice (or three times) before staging a training-camp holdout, which also would result in a $16,000-per-day fine.

More fodder for the discussion. I'll have more later on Revis.