Revis tries to "bring the beast" out of Kyle

The bad news about Darrelle Revis' "Jets Southwest" camp is that he invited a bunch of teammates to join him for workouts in Arizona, but only one showed up.

"I tried to get some of the other guys, but other guys are working out or have their own agenda, which is cool," the Jets' star cornerback told ESPNNewYork.com Saturday at a promotional event for Range Rover in Manhattan.

The good news, at least from the team's perspective, is that the one player was second-year CB Kyle Wilson, who is eager to erase the memory of a disappointing rookie year. He's learning from the best. He and Revis spent the last two weeks together, training at Fischer Sports, where they covered everything from DB drills to Xs and Os.

And they're not done yet. Revis, who has taken Wilson under his wing, will return to Arizona Sunday to rejoin his teammate for more quality time.

"That's why I brought him down, to be in his ear the whole time, just try to guide him and make him the best player he can be," Revis said. "I'm just trying to bring the beast out of him ... I'm on him. I'm getting on him good."

Revis said they do a lot of film study, breaking down the receivers on the Jets' 2011 schedule. That is a staple in Revis' off-season routine, and he's trying to share his wisdom with the former No. 1 pick. Revis said he expects Wilson to rebound nicely in 2011.

"Yes, I really do," Revis said. "Sometimes you come in as a rookie and you catch on, but he really didn't catch on this past year. So this is a big year for him to really step up and be part of making plays."

The downside to the lockout is that players like Wilson, entering their second year, will lose a lot of valuable time with their coaches. You can't replace that, but at least he's making the effort to improve. It also demonstrates Revis' growth as a leader. His get-together isn't generating the headlines of Mark Sanchez's recent "Jets West" in Southern California, but the Revis-Wilson partnership may ultimately be more beneficial to the team.