Rex: Revis could be best Jet ever

We all know how much Rex Ryan loves to gush about Darrelle Revis, but the Jets' coach takes it up a notch in an interview for the NFL Network's top 100 players of 2011 (chosen by the players).

"One day we're gonna say that this is the best Jet in the history of the New York Jet franchise, I believe that. And I think we're gonna also see him in Canton one day," Ryan said, as per USA Today.

(Right about now, Revis' agents are printing out these comments to use in the next contract negotiation, you can count on that.)

That's lofty praise, considering Joe Namath is widely regarded as the best player in Jets history. Ryan, of all people, knows what Namath meant to the franchise because he his father, Buddy Ryan, was an assistant coach on the Namath-led Super Bowl III team.

What do you think? Will Revis go down as the greatest Jet ever? Is Rex off his rocker? Let me know what you think.

Here's what I think: In terms of dominance at his position, I'd give Hall-of-Fame WR Don Maynard a slight edge over Namath, but Namath -- also a Hall of Famer -- had a greater overall impact on the game. Therefore, my current top five greatest Jets:

1. Namath

2. Maynard

3. DT Joe Klecko

4. OT Winston Hill

5. RB Curtis Martin

In terms of the NFL Network's top 100, Revis has yet to be ranked (the network has revealed 41 to 100 in its weekly countdown), but it sounds like he'll be in the top 10, perhaps the top five. So far, three Jets have cracked the list: C Nick Mangold (47), WR Santonio Holmes (76) and LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson (79).