Richardson a key figure in labor talks

Tony Richardson isn’t filling the calendar with workouts, but the Jets' fullback may be one of the busiest NFL players during the lockout. As one of the players on the former NFL Players’ Association executive committee, he is in meetings from Maryland to Minnesota trying to craft a fair deal.

Richardson talked to Bob Fescoe at KCSP 610 Radio in Kansas City, where he still keeps a home, about everything from free agency to his playing future. With another promising young fullback on the Jets, John Conner, Fescoe asked if Richardson was year by year.

“Right now I’m month by month,” he said.

But Richardson said his own situation wasn’t the main concern. The 17-year player is looking at how he can turn the game over to the next generation without giving up the gains of the previous one.

“I think I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s very bright.” Richardson said. “It’s just a matter of, my biggest goal is to see this process through as far as getting guys back on the field.”

In addition to labor questions -- Richardson is optimistic that they can get a deal done, but not in a hurry to take the wrong one -- he was asked about playing for Jets coach Rex Ryan, whose brash approach to public relations isn’t necessarily beloved outside of the greater New York area.

“You have to love Rex Ryan,” Richardson said. “I think that sometimes people kind of have the wrong impression of Rex. The one thing I can say about him is he absolutely loves his football team, loves his players and would do anything to help guys be successful. People say he talks too much, but in the last couple years, having a young quarterback, I think Rex has done a phenomenal job of really taking the media attention away from Mark (Sanchez) and putting it on himself.”

You can catch more quotes and audio of the entire interview here.