Bart Scott on two-a-days

Bart Scott is against the elimination of two-a-days in training camp, according to an interview he did with Jenny Vrentas of the Star-Ledger. The Jets linebacker does a lot of tough talking, and coupled with that kind of rhetoric during the regular season, you might get the impression that Scott just likes violence.

“I get concerned you're making football players weaker because you don’t push them past that threshold,” Scott said. “... I get concerned with the same thing with the quarterback stuff, that they turn it into flag football; they turn it into little pansy stuff."

Aside from debating whether it’s still OK to use the word “pansy” outside of the Home & Gardening Network, Scott is still talking about full-contact drills in the context of training camp, where players are observed, protected and under the care of team physicians and trainers.

Yesterday after a Rutgers workout, Jets linebacker Jamaal Westerman said that Scott had been one of the most conservative players when it came to contact during the Jets informal workouts in New Jersey a few weeks ago.

“I was talking to Bart and he was like, ‘Make sure you don’t hit anybody,’” Westerman said. “Cause like anything else, no one is under contract so you don’t want to get anybody hurt. There’s no pads, no equipment, of course you get your reads of course you try to get the movement down, but at the end you always pull up and let the offense make the catch.”

So yes, Scott is an advocate of smash-mouth football, but he is also an aware of the time and the place. That place is training camp, but not an unsupervised workout without contracts or a safety net in place.