Are you ready for Day 2?

The first day of post-lockout free agency didn't produce nearly as many deals as folks predicted (only the medium-sized Wayne Hunter agreement for the Jets), but things should pick up Wednesday as front offices and agents get more comfortable with the new CBA rules.

Usually, there are a number of monster deals on the first day, but because of the shot-gun start to free agency, teams and agents didn't have time for pre-game tampering. (Tampering? Who said that?)

Anyway, what to expect from the Jets:

• All eyes will be on the Santonio Holmes negotiations. The two sides are well into discussions and it wouldn't be a shock if there's an agreement soon.

• A source in the Nnamdi Asomugha camp said things went slowly on Day 1, but you have to figure the pace will pick up. We know the Jets are interested. Once Asomugha signs, it'll trigger a domino effect with the other free-agent cornerbacks -- e.g. Antonio Cromartie.

• Who will be the first Jets free agent to leave? It could be WR/KR Brad Smith, who is negotiating with the Bears.

• One thing to remember during these negotiations: Unrestricted free agents aren't allowed to start practicing until Aug. 4.

Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum are expected to address the media via conference call. Prediction: Bold statements and tap dancing, respectively.

• Interestingly, only three draft picks signed Tuesday around the league, including Bucs first-rounder Adrian Clayborn (20th overall). The Jets have six picks, all unsigned, including No. 1 choice Muhammad Wilkerson (30th overall).