Day 3 preview: Is this Nnamdi's day?

The spotlight Thursday will be on -- no surprise -- free-agent stud Nnamdi Asomugha, who could be getting close to a decision. Will it be the Jets? The 49ers? Texans? A sleeper team?

ESPN's John Clayton tweeted Wednesday night that the 49ers remain a strong contender, mentioning that Asomugha -- a former Raider -- loves the Bay Area. And yet you talk to some people around the league who believe the All-Pro cornerback will wind up with the Jets.

Bottom line, no one knows for sure, maybe not even Asomugha.

Asomugha might be finding that the market isn't as rich as he had anticipated. There's some thought that he will wind up in the $12 million to $13 million-a-year neighborhood -- a damn nice neighborhood, but not quite the $16 million-a-year he made with the Raiders.

Once Asomugha picks a landing spot, the rest of the top corners will fall like dominoes, and that includes Antonio Cromartie, who could end up in Oakland. If the Jets miss out on Asomugha, they probably will turn to Cromartie, who would be considerably cheaper. Let's call Cromartie The Fallback Guy.

This also could be a key date for WR Braylon Edwards, who's probably the top receiver out there now that Santonio Holmes (Jets) and Sidney Rice (Seahawks) reportedly have agreed to deals. Edwards, in a tweet Wednesday, said he no longer feels wanted by Jets management. Chances are, the Jets have moved on.

Some in the league believe they will sign Randy Moss, who happens to have the same agent as Santonio Holmes. One-stop shopping, anyone? This may take a few days to sort itself out.

Those are the two key positions for the Jets -- cornerback and wide receiver. Once they get those areas solidified, they can get down to the other items on their shopping list.