Braylon Edwards to 49ers?

Free-agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards will meet with the 49ers tonight and Adam Schefter references a possible one-year deal in his report.

It’s a drop for a player who, at the start of free agency, was looking for a multiyear deal and a No. 1 spot on a team. Some teams, like the Jets, dropped out of the Edwards stakes early because they didn't want to pay him what he expected.

"If Braylon wants to come for what we can pay him, come on back Braylon," Jets coach Rex Ryan said earlier today.

Edwards had 53 catches for 904 yards and seven touchdowns for the Jets last season, strong stats playing alongside Santonio Holmes. Some of the teams who were interested in Holmes, like the Cardinals or even the Jets, see him as their No. 2 option. The difference is $6 million per year and up -- or what Plaxico Burress got from the Jets, $3 million.

If Edwards can't get the long-term deal he wants, he might settle for something shorter term, especially as the chairs start to fill in the NFL's game of musical chairs. The Cardinals and Edwards so far have failed to come to an agreement.

Edwards ability to find trouble isn't helping his prospects.

He still faces NFL suspension stemming from his guilty plea to a DWI arrest. Once a new CBA is ratified, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can fine or, ever more likely with each infraction, suspend him. Although Edwards has made an attempt to do good works in the wake of the DWI, the last few weeks could make teams think twice. Edwards plead guilty to the DWI on July 22, was found in violation of his Cleveland probation the next Tuesday and last Sunday was involved in another altercation at a Michigan restaurant.

If it comes down to a short-term deal, the number of suspended games matters. Either way, this may not be the season for Edwards to find his career deal, and can expect to have to prove himself again with little prospect of long-term security.