Will Bulger deal impact the Jets plans?

It will be interesting to see if the Baltimore Ravens' acquisition of backup QB Marc Bulger for the outlandish amount of $3.8 million on a one-year contract will have a trickle-down effect on the Jets.

From all indications, the Jets are planning to sign backup QB Mark Brunell on or after July 24, when the "Final Eight" restrictions are lifted. Neither Brunell nor Bulger is close to what he used to be, but will Bulger's stunning deal drive up Brunell's asking price? Many figured Brunell would sign for the minimum ($860,000 for a player with his experience), but now you have to wonder. This premise, of course, is based on the assumption that Brunell doesn't already have a handshake deal in place with the Jets.

The Jets, as you know, haven't been throwing around much cash this offseason. Here's another question: What if the Ravens decide to part ways with backup Troy Smith, who could be the odd-man out in their quarterback mix? Rex Ryan knows Smith from his days as a Ravens assistant. Would the Jets be interested? I doubt it. They have young quarterbacks; what they need is a seasoned veteran.

Bulger would've been a better choice than Brunell because he has more football left than the almost-40 journeyman, but there's no way the Jets were going to play $3.8 million. Like the Jets, the Ravens are in a Super Bowl-or-bust mode, except they're willing to pay a premium for quarterback insurance. The Jets, apparently, are not.