Revis Island in Florham Park

Jeremy Kerley looked perfectly set to catch Mark Sanchez’ deep pass to the right side, but the rookie wide receiver was being guarded by CB Darrelle Revis. Interception: Revis Island.

The defense had the day in the Friday afternoon practice. If the goal line drills went to the offense, the defense got it back today. S Jim Leonard picked off a Sanchez pass headed for WR Santonio Holmes. Holmes also popped one up off his fingers with Revis closely on his heels.

Turns out the top-dollar corner makes life just as difficult for Sanchez in training camp as he does for opposing quarterbacks during the regular season.

Dustin Keller caught a few passes and seemed to be the only one forging any reliable connection. Sanchez led a few of his receivers out of bounds for incompletions.

The offensive line may have been hindered by the lack of starters C Nick Mangold (stinger) and RG Brandon Moore (hip) during team drills. Both stretched and did individual work, but neither participated in full-contact activities.

The offense will get another chance at tomorrow’s practice before heading to Houston for the first preseason game of the year.

Quote of the day: Plaxico Burress on what to do with his injured left ankle. "We're just going to treat it, treat it, we gonna ice it, treat it, treat it and ice it and treat it."

We have more on Burress’ injury here, including news that he won’t make the trip with the Jets to Houston. The wide receiver was present for this afternoon stretching but then went inside for treatment, ice, ice, treatment, etc.

The 90th guy: LB David Herron was waived and G Trevor Canfield (knee) missed practice. LB Brandon Long was at practice, but not in pads or a helmet.